03 June 2006

How Like Unto Moses?

Quick!—name three prophets who were “like unto Moses.”

1) Moses (by definition)
2) Jesus (see here, here, here, here, and here)
3) Joseph Smith (see here, here, here, here, and here)

What are the characteristics of Moses?
A) Lead a nation
B) Delivered the Laws of God to the people

How do the others fit this pattern?
A) Redeems us as “his sons and daughters” (see here and here)
B) Established the new covenant (ie. the New Testament)

A) Laid foundation for the establishment of Zion and lead Saints westward to Zion
B) Delivered the Laws of God in the form of scriptures and church organization

Which characteristic (A or B) is the most important?
Moses is revered by the Jews because he gave them the Law. Christ could replace (or change) the Law of Moses because he is greater than Moses. Joseph’s most important duty was in reestablishing the Law of God.

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Anonymous said...

The Lord has told us that JS is like unto Moses because in the end times he will return to lead the children of Israel in power with a stretched out arm just like Moses did. (see section 101 & 103)

It is also important to note that When the children of Israel rejected the law and God was about to destroy them from off of the face of the earth, Moses provided an atonement for them which stayed the Lords vengeance and enabled them to enter into the promised land.

The intercession that Moses provided had a consequence... The taking of the sins of the people upon his own head caused Moses to commit the same sin of idolotry when he neglected to give credit to God at the Rock flowing forth water... taking credit for the miracle himself.

Therefore the Lord was angry at Moses for the sake of the people that Moses atoned for. The Lord prevented Moses from entering into the promised land and instead of being translated like Melch., Enoch and Elijah, Moses was buried by the hand of the Lord.... nevertheless, Moses died a justified man and entered into the rest of the Lord because the sins he commited had been artificially put upon his head...

Joseph Smith also created an atonement for the Latter-day Saints after they rejected the law (section 42)