01 October 2006

Apologies (during upgrading)

I am upgrading my blog and as a consequence there will be some nuisances (in addition to those regularly encountered) here:

1. Visitors will notice a number of changes that may leave them momentarily disoriented---please use the buddy system during this time.

2. Users of Mormon Archipelago (MA) will notice many of my old posts showing up. This happens because that site looks for newly published posts, but does not distinguish between updated and totally new posts. So if I make a spelling correction on an old post, it shows up on MA as a new post. Again, my apologies to the users of MA and the bloggers with whom I share the lowly "barely-if-ever-frequented blogs" box.


Eric Nielson said...

Are you moving to Blogger in Beta?

BrianJ said...

Yep. I had to change quite a bit, and I'm really ignorant about html. I'll be adding new features as time permits.

Eric Nielson said...

I have been disappointed. A lot of the add-ons like recent comments, recent posts, site meters, previews, etc. that I had cut and pasted into blogger do not seem to work the same way with beta. I hope your transition works out better than mine.