30 November 2006

Xmas Gift for My Daughter -- Please Help

I know this is a silly abuse of your time and my blog, but please help me if you can.

There is a commercial running lately, which I haven't seen, that advertises a toy that my daughter (3) wants. My wife has seen the commercial but--in her own words--is sooo captivated by the little girl in it that she doesn't remember the name of the toy. She just remembers the song she is singing:

"At six o'clock in the morning I wake up..."

The toy is some kind of microphone/karoake/playback thingy. My wife is certain that it is made by Fisher Price. And no--I cannot find it on the Fisher Price web site, nor was their customer service at all helpful when I called them.

If you know the name of the toy, please tell me. Thanks!

(And if you must know, I am completely wrapped around my daughter's finger and I like it there very much.)


Ryan said...

This one?

Ryan said...

Or from the Fisher-price site

BrianJ said...

No, that's not it. Thanks for trying.