24 November 2007

Young-Earth PhDs

Here's an article describing an interesting group of scientists (hat-tip to T&S sidebar). It's about the scientists who make up the First Conference on Creation Geology. Two interesting quotes:

The first---unwittingly---makes the Bible into a scientific theory.

“We don’t subscribe to this idea of the ‘God of gaps,’ meaning if you can’t explain something, then blame God,” [John] Whitmore told me before describing a method that hardly seemed more scientific. “Instead, we think: ‘Here’s what the Bible says. Now let’s go to the rocks and see if we find the evidence for it.’ ”
Now, you may not agree that that makes the Bible a theory, and if you do not then I think you should look into how scientists use the word "theory."

The second quote is a very good rule to live by.
“I have faith that the Bible is a true and accurate record of the earth,” [Marcus Ross] said. “I also entertain the possibility that I’m wrong. It would be cartoonish to say I don’t have doubts from time to time. Everybody has moments of doubt. But I can have those moments without my brain exploding.”
Well said.


Dr. B said...

Who said that the big bang theory isn't true.

douglas hunter said...


Interesting quotes. I have to say that I am both disturbed and fascinated by the fact that some people insist upon the Bible being a scientific text. From my point of view they are engaging in a completely a-historical reading and understanding of what the text is and does. Nonetheless, I think the question of how and why people choose to read this way is interesting.

BrianJ said...

Douglas - perhaps you should bring up that question on your blog (because it is a very good question).

LXXLuthor said...

Nice Brian. Fun read.