04 January 2007

Resource for Sunday School Teachers

There is a new blog devoted to being a resource for teachers. It is called Feast Upon the Word Blog. Some may recognize the name as coming from the scripture study wiki Feast Upon the Word. Indeed, the creator of the wiki is also behind the blog, and I was lucky enough to be asked to participate (and flattered but mostly terribly intimidated by the invitation as well).

There are three main categories of posts on the blog:
1) Sunday School lessons: these will cover specific reading assignments in the New Testament (this year) and will include notes, questions, handouts, and lesson plans.
2) Study guides: these will address study methods, including (for examples) how to study a specific chapter or how to deal with Greek translation.
3) Teaching topics: these will include both generally applicable and specific topics. By general, I mean topics that apply to any lesson, regardless of the reading assignment, such as how to ask questions, how to involve shy students, what to do differently with large vs. small classes. By specific, I mean topics dealing with a specific lesson, such as how to introduce the Joseph Smith Translation or how to make sense of Paul's epistles.

Note that the blog has just begun and so these categories are not firmly established and there may be more added.

I'll still be posting here, though the themes will change a bit since most of what I've done here in the past has been Sunday School-oriented. (I'm thinking of making this more of my daily scripture reading blog.)


Eric Nielson said...


I look forward to reading the new blog.

John said...

The invitation was a good one...and I'm glad you accepted! I have really enjoyed reading your comments and your posts.

Trentent Silver said...

Interesting blog....
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